The sky is the limit when the goal is to grow your business.
  • Skills

    Skilled Developers

    Get access to the highly and diverse skilled remote developers that synchronize with your time zone.
  • Global

    English Speakers

    Our developers are ready to communicate properly with you and your stakeholders.
  • Ondemand2


    A cost-effective way to have brilliant devs dedicated to solving your current challenges.

Why grow your international team with us?

A global and remote squad is a great solution to expand your business. Our task is to help companies to have developers from different parts of the world (specially Brazil, Portugal and Greece), quickly and appropriately. We will provide you with the squad that best suits your needs. In addition, we handle the team management chain to ensure you start, grow and consolidate your remote team.

Global business starts with a remote team

  • Reduce Costs

    Save money when compared to setting up a local entity.
  • Remain flexible

    No need for long term commitments. It's on-demand!
  • Less time spent on HR process

    Let us do the hard work and provide you the perfect match.
  • Reduce the turnover rate

    Our developers are ready to help you in different demands.
  • Increased productivity

    We manage the people to be 100% committed to your challenge.
  • Synchronized with your time zone

    Our developers sync at least half of the time zone you are in.
  • High level developers

    We follow the best methods to have the top skilled developers.
  • Diverse skills

    Back-end, Front-end, DevOps, Full-stack, Mobile, QA and so on.

Your squad, our responsability

We take on recruitment, provide job contracts and assume bureaucratic responsibility. It is also our responsibility to ensure productivity and work to evolve the necessary skills and requirements. I
Squad responsability

Do you prefer to manage?

We can create your own team, which will report directly to you. Managed by you, but with our support. This makes it easy to ensure that your way of work is maintained.

Or do you want management help?

If you want an external team working on a specific project or task, we can take responsibility for managing these people and provide you with follow-up on the evolution of the project.
Help management

What's your need?

We have a suitable solution for every business goal of yours.
  • Auxiliary team
    If you need extra hands for operational support, count on us.
  • Specific projects
    Want to create something new? So innovate with different talents.
  • Dedicated squad
    Full-time or part-time, we can do it. Let's expand your global presence.

Some technologies

  • ➕ Excellent english language skills.
  • ➕ Technical familiarity & code superiority match!
  • ➕ Regular efficiency evaluation.

Hire dedicated remote team members

Talk with us and we will provide the perfect match for you.
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