Boost your dev team's delivery predictability

KnowCode increases developer's team's productivity with a set of services and products.

Who is Victor?

Victor is your virtual tech manager designed to elevate your team's efficiency and streamline your development process. Victor specializes in organizing sprints and empowering your team to plan and execute with precision.

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About us


Our mission is dedicated to enhancing the satisfaction of software development teams in their daily work. We firmly believe in our ability to cultivate high-performance teams, fostering a strong sense of satisfaction and retaining top-notch talent through meticulous engineering processes.


Why KnowCode?

  • The best methodologies

    Agile, Scrum, Kanban and so on.

  • More productivity!

    We can improve your way to continually deliver solutions.

  • We love to solve problems

    Research and innovation are part of our essence.

A team passionated for SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

Multicultural team based in Brazil 🇧🇷, Greece 🇬🇷, and Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Starship
    In Numbers

    +500 projects executed

    +15 years of experience building software

  • Planet
    Focused on the transformation

    Remote-first culture

    Business oriented team

Clients & Partners

What People Say

  • I’ve been working with the KnowCode team on several occasions and projects mainly because, as my company is growing, I needed alternatives to allocate developers fast, on-demand, and with multiple skill sets like mobile, web apps, and Java. Self-manageable, results-driven, I would recommend the KnowCode team if you are looking to extend your development team outside US/Canadá.
    Alex Moots, Founder and President of Builder Lynx
  • KnowCode has been playing a crucial role in our dev team processes, providing remarkable efficiency and making project development easier to manage. Their expertise has optimized our workflows and raised the quality of our operations. We are thrilled with the results achieved and confident in continuing this valuable collaboration, thanking KnowCode for being an essential partner in our growth journey.
    Lucas Ferreira - Sisagri

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