A technology leader ready to help your company to grow.
  • On demand


    A temporary executive to solve the main technology gaps.
  • Founders mentality

    Founders Mentality

    Our CTOs are companies founders and have a huge market experience.
  • Seniority level

    Senior level

    For solving big problems, you need a high level of seniority from our CTOs.

What is it?

CTO as a Service is a temporary job for companies who needs to solve specifics demands and challenges. We know that hire a permanent CTO may takes a lot of months. In the other side, if you already have a CTO but there are too many complex demands to be solved, an extra hand might be worth it. When you have urgency to find solutions about tech issues, the CTO as a Service is great alternative since they are immediately available to help you. This is a cost-effective way to have a technology executive working by your side (with ownership mentality).

What kind of work?

Check how our CTOs can your company.
  • Mentorship

    If you need a mentor to guide your team or leaders.
  • Advices

    To advice you in big tech decisions. Also, to be a membership of the company's Adviser Board.
  • Investors

    To help you to attract and conquer investments. Also to maintain and provide confidence with your Investors Board.
  • Partnerships

    To look for strategic partnerships and be a bridge between the company and its partners.
  • POC

    To build Proof of Concept with the objective to validate it and check the business and technical viability.
  • MVP

    To create a Minimal Viable Product, after the POC and start to delivery your value proposition.
  • Tech Lead

    To be the leader of your tech team, managing people and increasing the productivity.
  • Process

    To improve the processes by implementing methodologies like Agile Mindset, Scrum, Kanban and so on.
  • And more

    Anything that need to be solved with a experienced professional to bring innovation, fast results and great strategies.


Having a rent CTO is good path for those doesn't need a permanent one or are facing a long-period to hire the perfect candidate. Also, the investment might worth it if you already have a CTO, but having another tech specialist would be great to manage your challenges.
Cost effective

Risks management

Making big decisions can cost you a lot of efforts and money. That's when a CTO as a Service shows up: to analyze your scenario and plan how to decrease the risks possibilites. It's a smart investment that will ensure your company is in the right journey.

External perspective

The rent CTO may bring new innovation insights and suggest other perspectives that your team are not seeing right now. Our CTOs are always updated with best market practices and tendencies and they have a huge experience as founders.
External perspective

3 ways of work

Which one is better for your circunstancies?
  • Part-time CTO
    If you don't have a CTO, we can immediately provide one for you, considering the expected amount of time.
  • Fractional CTO
    You have a CTO or a Tech Cofounder, but the professional are full of work or need a complementary expertise.
  • Project CTO
    For those companies who needs a CTO for specifics projects, focusing in managing the team and delivering the outcomes.

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