CTO as a Service

Let's solve your main dev team bottlenecks!
  • On demand


    Executives with the right skills to boost your company deliveries.
  • Founders mentality

    Specialized devs

    To fulfill the specific knowledges in your dev team.
  • Seniority level

    Experienced architects

    Enhancing productivity through technical decisions.

What is it?

CTO as a Service is made for those who need to reach the next level in innovation productivity. It is a service focused on checking the main bottlenecks of engineering teams and working to fix them. In addition, we help companies make tech decisions and plan how to achieve business goals.

Delivery and goals predictability

Do you need more control in your journey? To innovate with reliability? To plan with certainty? It's time to know what is happening and what expect from the future. With our expertise we will help you to see and achieve the horizon you can cross.
External perspective

Grow with responsibility

With big powers come big responsibilities: if you are aiming to grow, you need to be driven by details. With our consulting you will be able to make hard decisions and to strategically plan your next steps. Let's organize the house to start construction.

Committed team and less turnover

With Agile mindset and its tools, we can increase your productivity. When establishing processes we put the house in order. Squads are more satisfied when they see that everything is working great, everyone in the right place. Better processes, happy team and more productivity.
Cost effective

What kind of work?

Check how our consulting can help your company.
  • Mentorship

    If you need mentors to guide your team or leaders.
  • Advices

    To advice you in big tech decisions. Also, to be a membership of the company's Adviser Board.
  • Investors

    To help you to attract and conquer investments. Also to maintain and provide confidence with your Investors Board.
  • Tech Lead

    To be the leader of your tech team, managing people and increasing the productivity.
  • Process

    To improve the processes by implementing methodologies like Agile Mindset, Scrum, Kanban and so on.
  • More

    The sky is the limit

    Anything that need to be solved with a experienced professionals to bring innovation, fast results and great strategies.

How it works?

  • Diagnostic
    Understand the main bottlenecks of the engineering team and build a report with the proposals to improve it.
  • Services
    Like providing the right devs for the challenge; implementing tools and frameworks based on Agile mindset; and architecture consulting.
  • Results
    Analyze the results and establish the next steps. Implement ways to follow up the progress.

Ready to grow your business?

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